Acquerello Restaurant | An epicurean experience in the Venetian Lagoon 
Isola di San Clemente 1 · San Marco | 30124 · Venice  · 
Italy · 
Phone: +39 041 4750 111 · 
Fax: +39 041 4750 150 · 
About us

A true expression of culinary excellence and bespoke service, Acquerello is a seductive marriage of unpretentious finesse and elegance. Here Executive Chef Roberto Dal Seno masterfully creates epicurean aquarelles beyond expectations that depict delicacies from the Adriatic Sea, and culinary inspirations of modern Venetian and East Mediterranean origin.

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Restaurant Acquerello ranked 16th out of 101 restaurants in 2014 "The World's Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World" by The Daily Meal